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The Netherlands

One of my dreams is to travel and get to know more countries, cities, cultures and people. This year I've visited The Netherlands and that was one of coutries that I really wanted to see (and not because the fact that weed is legal there). I really like the architecture, bikes, green areas and more.This trip was a big inspiration for me. Here are some photos taken by me in April 2014. I hope you enjoy, and leave the comment with the city you want to see, or you're going to visit soon.

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Hi everyone! I used to have lot of blogs and sites but I think it's time for me to get everything together and start something new where I can post things that I like + my own photos. I'm doing some big project which make my dream come true, so that's why I wanted to create this pleace.
Why Am I writing in English? Because it's the best way for me to learn it and move to another level.
So please, enjoy & comment ;)

Today - my firts note ;) Here are some home decor inspirations, Enjoy!
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